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Dear Citizens of the World

For far too long cannabis has been oppressed by big corporations ,big pharma and governments when it could be benefiting all of mankind on many different levels. We have heard and we have watched your government lie and deceive you on all the dangers of cannabis. Show support by making your profile pictures green this April 20th on your social network profiles. OpCannabis phase 1, initiated. We are Anonymous…..Expect us.

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Hello Citizens of the World! We are Anonymous.

Many of you know that April 20th is a day marked by the consumption of Marijuana by people of all walks of life, all over the globe. What you may not know is the facts when it comes to Cannabis use. 

It is common knowledge that this substance is significantly less harmful than alcohol or nicotine, two drugs widely deemed acceptable by society. (http://yfrog.com/nvjrgg)

Regardless of this, the U.S. Government even goes so far to claim that Cannabis has “no accepted medical value”, while many studies show that it impedes/prevents the growth of Cancer cells in humans. (http://yfrog.com/h6vtmttj

According to them, Cocaine is a less dangerous drug than Cannabis. (http://yfrog.com/mmsoridj)

Aside from depriving the proletariat from the benefits of Cannabis, the laws currently in place promote organized crime + the black market, much like the Prohibition of Alcohol in the 1920s (http://yfrog.com/gz6nzktj)

This plant’s illegality has resulted in a huge increase in the incarceration rate due to the influx of innocent weedsmokers being put behind bars. (http://yfrog.com/oc5xqsvj

Of course, the private prison industry isn’t the only entity profiting off the Prohibition of Pot. Many pharmaceutical companies would be left without customers if citizens were allowed to cultivate their own cannabis plants. (http://yfrog.com/od5noigj)

For the aforementioned reasons and more, #Anonymous calls for the cooperation of the American Occupation in the fight for legalization legislation. In solidarity with the overall interests of 99%, we ask that each chapter of #Occupy highlight the Marijuana Issue on the day of April 20th, 2012. 

Together, we will give them a 4/20 they will never forget!

WE ARE LEGION for legalization!
WE DO NOT FORGIVE the crimes of the War on Drugs.
WE DO NOT FORGET our brothers + sisters locked up because of it.


We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Lives For A Life Changing Newsflash!

All your life you have waited for the good news, and that day has finally come. Very soon you will witness large-scale mass arrests all over the world of many men and women who you have come to know as the world’s political and financial leaders. These arrests will reach high into the U.S. Government and include many members of the financial and banking worlds. Many of these names you will immediately recognize, though some you may not immediately recognize, but all have actively taken part in serious crimes against the people, leaving our nations bankrupt why they looted our hard earned money.

These arrests are groundbreaking, and these arrests are Earth changing. Humanity will finally be free from the tyrannical control of these powerbrokers commonly known as the Cabal. These arrests should come as no surprise to many of us as we all know deep down that there is something very wrong with this world, a place where so many go to bed hungry at night while a few others possess not millions or billions, but trillions of dollars, pilfered from the labors of the people. There has always been enough wealth on this planet to go around, yet these few men and women have been dividing up for themselves virtually all of the wealth of our world, leaving only crumbs for the rest of us to compete over. Upon these arrests, this will now change.

Many new projects will immediately be implemented under the new leadership of men and women of the highest integrity who are committed to restoring our world to the utopia it once was, governed by a constitutional and true democratic process. There are many men and women dedicated to this cause throughout the US Government, agencies at the Pentagon, militaries, the financial sector, as well as the private business sector who have committed so much of their lives to this effort, and they are so eager to present to humanity our new system of abundance that they have been working so diligently on in secret for years. As part of these proceedings, vast sums of wealth that have been stolen from the people will be redistributed through programs that will benefit greatly every man, woman and child on the planet. No one will be overlooked, and no one will be forgotten.

But there is more.

Upon the arrests of these many members of the criminal Cabal, the second phase of this operation will commence. Today our world is being visited by many spiritually enlightened beings who wish to openly reunite with their ancient family. These spiritually advanced men and women are assisting in the disarmament of the criminal Cabal which has controlled much of the world’s military and possessed highly advanced weapons systems. 

These advanced ancestors of the human race appear just as we do, although there are other beings that we shall meet as well that do not look like we do. All are ascended spiritual beings who are only here to assist us make the changes we all know deep down inside need to be made. These beings are the original planners of this world, and are the same advanced civilizations that built many of the great archaeological mysteries such as the pyramids in Egypt. They are not strangers to us at all, as we are their ancestors, all of us. 

A very important social experiment has been conducted here over many years and each of us has been a part of it. We have been left here, seemingly all alone, to work things out for ourselves. This experiment is now over and it has been a tremendous success. We are now about to reunite with our brothers and sisters from the stars and be welcomed into the greater Galactic Community. 

As they are many worlds that go by many names, it is easier to refer to them at this time by the name of their peaceful alliances: The Galactic Federation of Light, and the Ashtar Command. 

Upon these arrests and our reunion with our Star Family, all the problems of our world will be quickly and smoothly brought into the alignment of our new Golden Age society through the leadership of souls of pure hearted intent. Through a worldwide community effort, all wars, hunger, poverty, illness, and pollution will soon be a thing of the past, as will our lives of daily servitude. Advanced technologies will replace our need to labor our lives away, and everyone will be free to pursue every creative dream they have ever had.

All this will begin with the imminent arrests of the many members of the criminal Cabal, and these arrests will take place as soon as a suitable number of our planet’s citizens are aware of what these proceedings will mean for our society. This is why you are reading these words today, as many members of your human family are doing all they can to share this news with you and do their part to usher in our civilizations new Golden age of peace, freedom, and prosperity for every man, woman and child throughout our world. Celebrations the world over are certainly appropriate and are encouraged by the Galactic Federation of Light, as it is important that humanity sees these arrests as good news and not more of the bad that we have become so accustomed. 

Please participate in this great cause by sharing this message on Facebook and other online social networks. This is your chance to really make a difference and be a leader of your fellow man. If we all do our part to spread this news, we will all begin to witness these high profile arrests all around the world, and this will be your sign that everything you just read is true.

- Anonymous


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"People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used."
-Emmanuel, Shapes of Silence (via myheadisweak)

— Commodity Fetishism - look it up!

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"Irony is proclaiming the “freedom” to choose those who rule you."

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Music for the Movement

livinglove-lovinglife:   (continued) since i (unfortunately) find people few and far between who are pro-occupy and are knowledgeable, i'm from just outside the niagara region and would love to hear why you feel canada needs it just as much as the states, because i can really only take so much from what i've read online, from biased news articles or ignorant bloggers. it'd be awesome if you took the time to genuinely answer this, i'd love to hear what influences you to stand up.

The problem is with capitalism in general. If you research the fundamental outcomes of capitalism you’d realize it only benefits industrials, which seek to maximize their profits in their social class. Better wages are not being paid, the richest corporations that are gatekeepers to our energy and all of our natural resources which influences our everyday way of life. Heads of corporations move production out of north america completely in some cases to evade humanitarian regulations that protect people against child labour, unsafe and unclean work conditions etc. They have cut corners anyway they could. The gap between extremely wealthy and extremely poor has been growing increasingly as well as the gap between the ignorant and the educated. The west relays a framed reality, the true is we have ravaged the world and started multiple wars and instigated and conducted genocide in the name of preserving our way of life, but this is naturalized, we other an culture that cannot express themselves through consumption, because that is that language we speak, semiotics, and our mediated marketplace, and our mediate economy. Somewhere along the line we prioritized our over consumptive and destructive way of life over other ethnicities. 

Canada is becoming increasingly more and more American like in its privatization of prisions and increased crime laws despite crime rates have been going down steady for years. there’s so much, google is your friend and there are plenty of great docs out there as well. Good Luck, sorry if it sounded ranty- its late :)

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